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Welcome to AIMMChicago, a group of highly talented, independent professional meeting managers available to plan, manage, and successfully implement your next corporate or individually-sponsored event. Otherwise known as the Alliance of Independent Meeting Managers, AIMMChicago was created almost ten years ago with a simple mission—to offer outstanding full-service meeting and event planning management services to a multitude of industries. AIMMChicago professionals provide services in the areas of convention and meeting planning, conferences, weddings and special events. This group of individual meeting experts brings to the table decades of experience managing events throughout the Chicagoland area, as well as internationally.

Looking to host a unique event? Chances are an AIMMChicago meeting manager has already successfully managed a similar type of meeting. So why not let us help you take the burden out of planning and managing your next event so you can focus on more important issues—your customers, family, or friends?

For further information on AIMMChicago please contact:

Peggy Mayer

Cindy Zver at

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